Git for Teams

This web site is an ever-growing resource aiming to support teams of one or more people as they learn to work efficiently together. It focuses on real world examples to make working with Git faster and more efficient.


Git for Teams covers creating a workflow strategy with your team; the basic commands you need to implement that strategy; and a "getting started" introduction to using GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.


Collaborating with Git: Crafting Workflows at the Command Line six hours of video lessons to help you learn Git.


Looking for bigger versions of the flow charts for Git?

You are welcome to share these images with others; print them; save them to your team Wiki...I made them to help you! I would love to receive translations of these diagrams. You can submit a pull request through GitHub or GitLab; or simply drop me an email emma at this domain name, and I can help you to get started. Patrick has also made a command line version of the flow chart. It's sort of like a choose-your-own adventure game!

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