A Brief History post

This web site is designed to support learners who wish to use version control in a more efficient manner. The original version of the site was created for an online workshop that I taught. Subsequently, it has become a holding place for resources relating to the in-person workshops that I've taught (and perhaps will teach for you!).

Looking back on my CV, I realize I've been teaching version control for nearly a decade. I've used a few different systems including CVS, subversion, Bazaar, and Git. I'm quite happy to admit that although Bazaar was my favourite, I now use the industry standard, Git. When learning Git, I found it to be quite arrogant as a piece of software. It seemed to make a lot of assumptions about what I already knew about version control.

My frustration with the software led to a series of conference presentations (and a few articles) entitled, "Git Makes Me Angry Inside". It turns out a fair number of people shared my frustration. Regardless of any complaints I may have about Git, I would much definitely be using it, than be forced to have no version control at all.

Hopefully the project will peak your interest enough to pass the word along to others who might be in need of a helping hand when it comes to working efficiently with version control.