Thinking Out Loud About Commit Granularity post

It's a classic mistake for a teacher to walk you through the process of how they arrived at an answer when teaching you how to think about a problem. In my most recent resource on commit granularity, I've done exactly this. Fortunately the ideas are still running around in my head, so I don't mind giving you this half-baked idea. Or rather, it's not half baked, but simply an idea given to you from my perspective, instead of being a resource that I've created for you with empathy for where you're coming from. The empathetic version of the resource is coming, but first I need to get all the things out of my head, so I can take a pause to see things from your perspective.

So if you'd like to follow my train of thought, you can read my notes on best practices for teams of one, teams of more than one, and the implications this has for commit granularity and branching when working with Git.