A selection of longer-form pieces on a variety of topics.
Best Practices for Teams
A growing list of tips for teams of one; and teams of more than one.
Segregating your work with branches. Tips on the types of things you can put into separate branches in your repository.
Managing Change
Resources for teams undergoing a massive change (especially when changing to a new toolkit).
Commit Granularity
Guidelines for how often you should commit in Git, and tips on creating the very best commit message.
Cultivating Empathy
Resources and video presentation of how to improve your workplace empathy.
Dealing with a Detached HEAD
One of the scariest things in Git is when you lose your HEAD. It's actually way less complicated than it sounds. This analogy-laden resource attempts to explain, in human terms, what it's all about.
The Evolution of Social Coding with Git
A rant on why I think GitHub is dangerous.
Status Report: Monitor Files Easily
How to get Git to tell you what's going on when working at the command line.
Creating Tickets and Reporting Issues
Guidelines for great, closeable issues: requesting new features and reporting bugs.
Links to the downloadable handouts for workshops relating to Git for Teams.
Managing Epics in JIRA
Big ideas in Epics. Then *as you get closer to the sprint* break the Epics into individual User Stories.
Merge or Rebase?
You need to integrate work into your repository, how do you know if you should merge or rebase?
Offsite Resources
An ever-growing list of links you might find useful. Includes: workflow, merging vs. rebase, continuous delivery, visualizing Git, restricting permissions by branch.
Rebasing Step-by-Step
An annotated summary of how I dealt with a conflict mid-rebase.
Replicating Success
Traits that allow me to work as an efficient coordinator, coach, and trainer.
Reviewing and Critiquing Work
A summary of the review processes used by various projects. Includes tips on being a great reviewer, and completing a pull request.
Teaching: Analysis Skills
Tips for those who are teaching Git to coworkers and need help transfering classroom learning to the workplace.